Grandma’s basement… You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy…

This all started in such an innocuous way… Your dear old grandma has gotten so old that she needed help cleaning out her basement, cleaning out some knickknacks and maybe figuring out where that darn draft keeps coming from. Of course, the party is welcome to whatever suits their fancy, but the important thing is just making everything tidy.

You weren’t expecting hoards of Orcus cultists, goblin tribes, oozes, and dragons, but if that’s what it means to clean out Grandma’s Basement, so be it!

Prereading (A brief) Introduction to Grandma’s Basement
Mapping Conventions

Layer 1 – Blood and Dust
Layer 2 – The Tyrrany of Irid
Layer 3 – Turf War
Layer 4 – The Madness of the Deep

Grandma's Basement